sharknife or, at least, an animator freindly version.


brinksketches said...

update you blog. you lazy piece.


Hey, Dan. This is Ben Sweeney (the junior from the figure drawing sessions). Just commenting because I think this sketch-a-day is a cool idea. I was also desperately looking for your senior thesis, Hedgehog. I missed the first day of the senior show, and I hear your project is quite the shiznit. Keep up the good work.


Dan Pinto said...

@ bryan - be quiet, you!

@ ben - Hey man! how goes your summer? I don't have any copies of Hedgehug left but, if you really wanna see it, Jason, Eman, Kelly and Jen have a copy. Also, Staven, Enright, Lowell and Chris have copies. I dont know if you can get in touch with any of them over the summer but they have is. so there.